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Walking through the surroundings of Lozovenkovsky reservoir.
22 June 2021

In the International day of unhurried walk young biologists from Kharkiv zoo have taken the walk through  the surroundings of Lozovenkovsky reservoir. Purpose of the campaign had cognitive nature: acquaintance with local flora and fauna, and also identification of plants using the smartphone app.

The juniors began their observations on the way to their destination. Passing the margins of Alekseevsky residential area, guys paid attention to ornamentals in flowerbeds near the houses, looked at the swifts and swallows flying over the houses. Then crossed the ring road and in front of members of the campaign opened a nice view on surroundings — green and blooming world of herb meadows.

On the way to reservoir, young biologists considered different types of trees, such as poplar, various types of maples, oak, linden, elms ...
Therefore there were a lot of beautiful and blooming plants, among which was chubushnik ( it is often confused with jasmine), rose hips, sweet clover, soapwort, sage, cornflowers, pickles, lupine, and many others. And of course, met a lot of interesting insect species.

Finally, came to the coastal zone of Lozovenkovsky reservoir. In front of members of the campaign spread out the lake's blue water. Here they met a finch, and also water creatures: frogs and pond snails.
Away from the coast watched birds swimming in the water: coot and crested grebe. Campaign was great, and the rout turned to be interesting and cognitive.