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Unusual orderlies
20 August 2021

Vultures are among the top 100 rarest and most vulnerable birds in the world.  And despite numerous prejudices and negative attitudes towards scavengers, vultures, along with griffon vultures, are orderlies in mountainous and foothill areas.  They so diligently eat the corpses of animals that not a single piece remains on the bones, where dangerous pathogenic microorganisms could multiply.

Now you can see these unusual orderlies in our zoo.  The African Safari exhibit includes a wonderful 645 m2 airplane, which is already being mastered by two vultures and four griffon vultures.  The birds are very spacious, because the height of the aviary reaches 8 meters.

The aviary has mesh walls and a ceiling.  This allows the birds to adhere to their own biorhythms and, as in nature, remain active during the day and rest at night.  In the sandbox, both vultures and vultures swim, tidying up their feathers.  The birds are refreshing in the pool.  Then they rest, sitting on a natural stone.  As for nesting, the birds are offered several options here: a nesting platform in the center of the enclosure and two houses.