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Unusual birth
31 January 2022

The day of hugs this year for Kharkiv Zoo has become a significant, on January 21 a baby camel was born.  A baby (this is a male) was born in the family of a female Natasha and a male Sasha, who came to our zoo from Astrakhan in 2011.  Early in the morning, Natasha once again became a mother. Given birth was easy and fast.  But they became a special event.  Since the birth of a camel took place in January, while, as usual, the offspring of camels appear in the period from mid-March to May.

The baby was born healthy.  After a short rest, he got up and after a few hours followed his mother.  The camel perceives low temperatures absolutely normally, stays with her mother in the fresh air all the time and actively gains strength thanks to milk feeding, which will last from about 6 to 18 months.  And somewhere from the age of two months, the baby will begin to be interested in other foods, which will gradually be introduced into the diet: grass, hay, bran, carrots, beets.  As for the humps, so far the camel has only the beginnings of humps without internal fat.  But it will take a few months and the humps will acquire a vertical position.