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Stepanida invites you to the holiday!
22 December 2021

December 22 is a special day for Kharkiv Zoo.  Why?  It's our Stepanida's birthday!  Hippo Stepanida is adored by both small and adult visitors of our zoo.  Of course!  She is a real Kharkiv woman, the sixteenth hippopotamus born in Kharkiv Zoo.  Stepanida is benevolent, affectionate, very photogenic, like a real lady, sometimes makes herself wait a long time, but this expectation is fully justified when the hippopotamus effectively emerges from the water.

And if you are still not familiar with our beauty, it's time to fix it.  After all, Stepanida invites new friends to celebrate twenty old and ninth birthday.  So that as many people as possible can join the holiday, we will celebrate on Saturday, December 25th.  We will meet at 11.00 at the House of the Hippo to congratulate the birthday girl together.  Guests of the holiday will enjoy themed master classes, funny contests, quizzes, as well as gifts and good mood from friends of Kharkiv Zoo: the Printing Center, Helper  and the League of Transformers.  It will be fun and interesting!