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Step to the Kingdom
07 April 2021

Our giants elephants Aung and Tendy are gradually mastering their new summer enclosure, which is part of a complex called the "Kingdom of the Elephants".  The area of the property is impressive - 1412 m2.  The walls of the enclosure are decorated with sculpted concrete, there are huge stones - boulders on the sandy floor, feeders are located both in the walls and on the trunks of trees.  The trunks themselves also perform the function of a comb.  After all, elephants love to scratch on strong trees.  For elephants to take shelter from the rain or simply stay in the shade, there is a cane-roofed sun canopy in the aviary.

While to the new space, both Aung and Tandy are cautiously exploring everything with their trunk.  To make the adaptation more comfortable, keepers are attracted to walks around the "Kingdom" with the help of fragrant hay, vegetables and fruits.

Watching elephants in this aviary from the flyover, you can literally feel like a part of the wild.  Indeed, thanks to the use of electric fences, a system of ditches and reservoirs as natural barriers, the new complex provides for a minimum of barriers.