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Rainforest for coati
30 September 2021

Two hundred square meters of rainforest - this is how the summer coatis enclosure looks like in South America exposition.  All conditions have been created here for the animals to exercise daily and feel like they are in the wild: maximum fresh air, natural soil with a grassy lawn, many elements of enriching the environment, houses and hiding places.

This beauty is already being actively mastered by our coatis - 7 individuals.  Of these, 5 - 2 males and 3 females - came from Berdyansk Zoo as part of a long-term cooperation.  In particular, this group of coatis was formed especially for our zoo.  The goal is further reproduction, so we hope for offspring.  Animals very quickly turned from beginners into leaders.  They love to climb hanging ladders that mimic branches, and also dig in the ground, making hiding places.

Since the transition between the winter and summer enclosures remains open all the time, the coatis decide for themselves where they are.  Regardless of the choice, visitors are equally comfortable watching the life of these funny pranksters through a special display glass.