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Autumn Nature of Kharkiv Parks
15 October 2020

Mid-autumn and warm weather are a great reason to hike. On Sunday morning, a group of young biologists from Kharkiv Zoo with their leader Yevgeny Kiosy made a hike along the Sarzhin Yar route, Lesopark and Gorky Park.

The trip was educational. The children got acquainted with the surrounding vegetation, dendroflora, discussed leaves and seeds. In autumn, pests that destroy them are very clearly visible on the leaves of trees, and these are representatives of Ascomycetes (marsupial fungi), which cause powdery mildew on plants, and Ritisma maple, which causes black spot on maple leaves. "Oak apples" on fallen oak leaves looked interesting too. These are the creations of a small fly from the family of Hymenoptera - nutcracker. On the trunks of some trees, tinder fungi saw mushrooms. They cause destruction of the trunk.

On the way we met several species of birds: pigeons, ducks and swans. Also we observed squirrels. The guys found bedbugs in the rotten stump. Evgeny Kiosya discussed everything he saw with the guys. The atmosphere in the group was  great. The guys were curious, and they took new information with enthusiasm.