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New working hours
28 October 2021

Due to the reduction in daylight hours, the Kharkiv Zoo changes its mode of operation.  Starting from November 2, the zoo is open from 9.00 to 3.30 pm.  At 3.30 pm, the zoo closes at the entrance and works only on the way out.  All visitors must leave the zoo by 5 pm.  Keep this in mind in order to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes as comfortably and leisurely as possible and observe the amazing animals.  Monday remains a sanitary day.

The winter mode of operation is also associated with the biological characteristics and specificity of the exposure of certain species of animals with the onset of cold weather.  Some of the animals in autumn and winter are less active at night.  The transition to a new work schedule will allow visitors to the zoo to observe the animals during their maximum activity hours.