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Let's save the primroses!
19 March 2021

Fragile, delicate and such defenseless primroses. They are called the first smile of spring.  They make their way with bright colored rays on forest glades and mountain slopes, covering them with picturesque carpets.  Under the name primroses (ephemeroids), they combine early spring flowers that bloom even before the leaves appear on the trees.  Nature paints them in a bright color, which is impossible not to notice against the background of a dark forest cover or the remnants of snow on the slopes of the mountains.

 The flowers that give a spring mood include: snowdrops, woodlands, multicolored brandy, crocuses (saffron), white flower, crested grouse, wild tulips, narrow-leaved daffodil, dream-grass (lumbago), bear onion (wild garlic), spring adonis, dwarf iris, kandyk-dog tooth (erythronium).

 Unfortunately, most of the primroses are endangered species and are listed in the Red Book.  It is forbidden to rip them off!  After all, the first spring flowers are needed not only to delight people as heralds of spring.  Primroses play an important role in the ecosystem.  Primarily, their nectar and pollen serve as food for early pollinating insects, including butterflies and wild bees.  Plucking flowers, a person damages the bulbs, which inevitably weakens the plant, which until next spring will not be able to restore the leaves and becomes susceptible to diseases and pests.  That already leads to the disappearance of populations of primroses in the vicinity of cities.  Insects will not be able to feed on early nectar and pollinate early horticultural crops.  Even worse - commercial mass harvesting of primroses!  They are already threatening these vulnerable plants on a global scale.  That is why it is so important to be careful with nature!

 Don't buy these beautiful flowers, don't pick primroses!  Enjoy the beauty and colors of flowers while walking in the forests and steppes of our native nature!