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International week of the deaf
26 September 2021

Every year, the last full week of September is celebrated as International Week of the Deaf.  Today, according to the WHO, about 650 million people suffer from various hearing impairments - this is every ninth inhabitant of the planet.  This day was established to commemorate the creation of the World Federation of the Deaf.  Since then, International Deaf Week has been celebrated around the world with a variety of cultural and educational events.  The World Federation focuses on respect for rights in order to achieve improved education and accessibility of information technology and services.

As part of this week, on September 25, a cycle of excursions took place at Kharkiv Zoo.  All registered for the event were divided into groups and accompanied by a sign language interpreter.  Undoubtedly, you can endlessly watch the animals, but learning many stories and facts from the life of zoo is informative, interesting and of great value.  We are glad that, in comfortable conditions, the participants were able to fully familiarize themselves with the inhabitants of zoo and the exposition areas of the renewed Kharkiv Zoo.