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Holiday drawing
22 November 2021

Kharkiv Zoo continues the excellent tradition, loved by both adults and young visitors, - holding various competitions related to the life of the zoo and its pets.  So, a few weeks ago, on the website and official pages in social networks, we announced a drawing competition on the theme: "The Adventures of Penguins in Kharkiv."

A month ago, Humboldt penguins came to our zoo for the first time in its history.  Three females - Agatha, Margaret and Charlotte arrived from Germany and, apart from Kharkiv Zoo, were nowhere in the city.  Therefore, thanks to the drawings, the beauties made a fascinating journey through the sights of our hometown, seeing its beauty and special charm.

The activity of the participants was amazing.  In such a short period of time, we have received over 200 drawings.  The age of the participants is from 5 to 50 years old.  But what unites them is creativity, a sense of humor and the desire to create interesting vivid stories where penguins ride the rides in Gorky Park, admire the beauty of Mirror Stream, play football at the Metalist stadium and even eat shawarma.

The awarding ceremony was filled with a festive, solemn atmosphere.  Memorable gifts from the zoo and partners, entertainment with a clown, a dancing flash mob with a penguin, themed master classes where participants created their own unique penguins.  And of course, acquaintance with the main culprits of the holiday - the penguins Agatha, Margaret and Charlotte.  So everyone was unforgettable!

The partners of the holiday were the Center for Digital Printing, the motto of which: "Everything in one center" is 100% justified, because there is a wide range of services for any tasks, and the brand store of the confectionery factory "Sweet World" is a quality that you can really trust, the world  natural sweets, the flagship of craft - real chocolate.