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Fake from "Vecherny Kharkiv"
22 March 2021

On the Internet resource of one of the regional periodicals - the newspaper "Vecherny Kharkiv", an article was published today "The workers of the Kharkov zoo are sitting without wages."  This information is not true!  Employees of all structural divisions receive their salaries on time and without delays!

Kharkiv Zoo is as open as possible for cooperation in any area, including information.  And we are very saddened by the fact that openly false information is released into the public space, which is taken by the media from the deputies' accounts in social networks without checking for the correspondence and veracity of the "news" published there.  In turn, any deputy can contact the zoo and receive information that will correspond to reality!  However, neither the representatives of the editorial board of "Vecherny Kharkiv", nor the deputy, before the publication of this material, did not apply to the zoo!