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Eco education
15 April 2021

Today the whole world celebrates the Day of Environmental Knowledge. And Ukraine is no exception. The history of the holiday dates began to 1992 at the UN Conference in Rio de Janeiro. Here, for the first time, the issue of the role of environmental education was actively discussed.

Kharkiv Zoo also makes its contribution to environmental education. Insofar as one of the zoo's functions is scientific and educational. We will implement it in the direction of Internet publications on environmental topics, as well as in the conduct of lectures in school and preschool childcare facilities. Moreover, both for students and for teachers.

Our lectures are not an ordinary educational event. They make them special animals of Kharkov zoo: rabbit, rooster, owl, parrot, hedgehogs, turtles, snails, who "help" in the lecture. Closeness to nature shows children that biology is not only texts from a textbook, it is real life, interesting and fascinating in a wide variety of forms. 

And even quarantine is not a reason for us to stop educational lectures in educational institutions, so we partially transferred educational work online. Our distance lectures are tailored to the age of the children and the school curriculum. They are extremely rich and interactive, allowing students to maximize "Immersed" in the topic. From lecture to lecture, listeners understand that nature is the most great treasure. And each of us can contribute to its preservation. The main desire!