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Double celebration
04 October 2021

World Animal Day is celebrated around the world every year on October 4th.  The holiday was established by the International Congress of the Supporters of the Nature Movement, held in Florence in 1931.  The date of the holiday was not chosen by chance, this day is known as the day of remembrance of the Catholic St. Francis, who is considered the patron saint of animals.

This day calls on all people to pay attention to the problems of other inhabitants of our planet.  Every year, the population of all animals is declining by an average of two percent, and so far there are no signs of a slowdown in these processes.  The main culprit of what is happening is a person, or rather, his consumer attitude to natural resources and activities that are acquiring extremely irrational forms.

The zoo is a wonderful island of nature in a big bustling city.  In this place, you can feel closer to nature and personally see wild, rare and outlandish representatives of the animal world.  Here you can learn a lot of interesting and instructive about the flora and fauna of our planet.

All the inhabitants of the zoo require careful daily care and careful observation, and this is the duty and work of the zoo workers.  Working with animals is not an easy process and only a person with a kind heart, hard work, patience and a strong character will cope with this matter.  People who devoted themselves to working with animals are dedicated to the holiday - the Day of Zoo Workers, which is also celebrated on October 4.