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Delicious quest
09 November 2021

The first birthday in the new enclosures is a very special holiday.  Our giant elephant Aung Nain Lei, who is celebrating its 24th anniversary today, felt this like no one else!  The name Aung Nain Lei translated from Burmese means "born winner".  And the victory is the very birth of this elephant, because Aun is the first elephant born in a herd without human intervention in the practice of European zoos.  This unique event took place on November 9, 1997 at Emmen Zoo (Holland).  The elephant became Kharkiv citizen at the age of 5 years.  And since that time, we can no longer imagine Kharkiv Zoo without the charismatic Aung.

This special elephant from birth, wayward and somewhat stubborn, in relation to the staff - sociable, and very inquisitive.  Considering the latter quality, we chose a gift for the birthday boy.  We have prepared a gastronomic quest for Aung. Stuffed some pumpkins with a certain kind of goodies.  One - apples, the second - carrots, the third - bananas.  The result is an interesting pumpkin candy for an elephant with different fillings.  "Sweets" were hidden in fragrant hay.  Aung took such a treat with a bang and ate it in a matter of minutes.  The first was "candy" with a banana filling, then with a carrot filling, and finally with an apple filling.  The birthday boy ate the gift to the slightest bit, and this testifies to a successful holiday!