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Christmas story
04 January 2022

The long-awaited 2022 has come!  New Year is a special time, because the city is filled with an amazing holiday atmosphere.  This fabulous period is always filled with all sorts of New Year's events, and our beloved zoo is no exception.

On January 2, our small and adult guests witnessed an incredible interactive fairy tale that took place in the very heart of the zoo - on the stage of the amphitheater.  The orchestra played the music of Peter Tchaikovsky "Waltz of the Flowers" for our visitors, and on the stage there was a real preparation for the New Year of the inhabitants of the country of Carameldia: all the guests rushed to the ball and brought gifts for the Princess's birthday, and the cooks baked the biggest cake.

Friendly, interesting and fun all together, like a big family, our guests found themselves in the atmosphere of a real fairy tale.  Active and fun games at the Christmas tree with fairy-tale characters gave the opportunity to touch the New Year's miracle and become its main characters.  Therefore, we remind you that on January 6 and 9 at 11:00 we invite everyone to visit our no less fabulous event "Striped New Year" and play together with the fairy-tale characters at the Christmas tree.  Therefore, we are waiting for you at the holiday, because with you this New Year will be even brighter, more fun and amazing!