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Bear holdings
04 August 2021

The summer enclosure of brown bears, saturated with bright colors, now has owners.  The bears began to explore their new spacious domains.  Some of the largest land-based predators (within the family the brown bear is second only to the polar bear in size) have an open enclosure of about five thousand square meters at their disposal.

To adapt quickly and comfortably, the bears will take turns exploring the new home.  The discoverer of all beauty was the bear Matvey, who at first behaved rather indecisively - he sniffed, looked closely.  But several minutes passed, and Matvey began to study the territory with interest.  And there are many objects for research.

In the aviary, the natural landscape and trees are preserved as much as possible.  To keep the clubfoot from getting bored, there are climbing platforms, swings;  and so that they do not relax and do not lose their natural instincts in the search for food - drum feeders.

The first thing that interested Matvey was natural soil and grass. The interest is understandable, because before the bears were kept in an enclosure with a concrete floor.  The bear slowly walked around the property, sniffing almost every structure and tree.  I reacted calmly to the pool with a waterfall.  He did not want to swim, but the acquaintance took place, Matvey drank some water and refreshed his paws.