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Animal rights day
10 December 2021

The International Day for the Protection of Animal Rights is celebrated annually on December 10.  The holiday was established in 1998, just on the day of the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Human Rights.

The fauna on our planet began to decline rapidly, many species of animals are disappearing.  This is due to human actions.  To prevent further aggravation of the situation, the Declaration of Animal Rights was adopted by the International League on 23 September 1977 in London and announced on 15 October 1978 at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

The declaration consists of 10 articles, which say not only that every living being has the right to respect and a life without suffering, but also about the inadmissibility of cruelty to animals.  In addition, a person is obliged to take care of the restoration of populations of different animal species on Earth.