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The quarantine has ended!
30 June 2021

The quarantine of our new resident giraffe Dema has ended!  The month passed unnoticed, and now the giraffe is already mastering its spacious exhibition enclosure.  During the quarantine, Dema was in the so-called distillation enclosures, and as a gift for its completion, he "received the keys" to the main apartment.  There are special hanging feeders, automatic drinkers, and large viewing windows.  The latter interest Dema more and more every day, giraffe is very inquisitive and loves to watch what is happening around.  But mostly he behaves like a small child, loves to play.

The adaptation of our giraffe was easy and effortless.  From the first minutes of his stay in Kharkiv Zoo, Dema behaved confidently.  Although a little excitement was felt, a treat helped to overcome it - the giraffe immediately began to eat.  During this time, the keepers have accurately studied the gastronomic preferences of their ward.  My favorites are juicy willow and maple branches, grapefruits, bananas and muesli.  The animal's appetite is excellent.

The biggest surprise was that our giraffe turned out to be a music lover, so a radio was installed in the aviary.  The fact is that giraffes are very impressionable animals; extraneous noises can bother them or even frighten them.  Music, on the other hand, dampens unwanted noise and creates an atmosphere of safety and tranquility.

Together with Dema, his neighbor, an eland antelope named Augusta, who has settled in the "House of the Giraffe" especially so that our new inhabitant does not get bored, also enjoys music.  The animals quickly became friends, they communicate, sniff each other.

The giraffe is comfortable, he is at home!  Kharkiv Zoo has become a cozy home for Dema!