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Spacious possessions of exotic parrots
29 January 2021

Large migrations of our animals are continuing. This time, the extremely beautiful macaws have moved to their new home. These birds are representatives of the amazing continent of South America. Two species of these parrots are presented  in our collection, a pair of blue-yellow ones and three red macaws. These birds are the largest representatives of parrots, they are distinguished by colorful plumage and good intelligence, they can think logically, and therefore even solving complex problems is easy for them.

Now the birds have two spacious winter aviaries, one of which is 20 m2, and the second one is 30 m2. On the floor there is natural pine bark, and on the walls there is an artistic painting, which creates  unique atmosphere of South American flora. The parrot enclosures are equipped with massive logs and tree branches, various ladders, ropes, perches and capsules for hanging branch food, as sources of vitamins and accessories for sharpening the beak. In addition, there are places for nesting in the form of houses, and places for feeding birds in the form of peculiar tables.