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Advices For Our Guests

The zoo is a favorite vacation spot. Did you know that zoos are classified as high-risk objects? And it is not because of  a large number of animals, it is because of the violation of the rules of behavior by visitors.

In our zoo, all the necessary requirements for keeping animals and ensuring safety for visitors are kept. Overcoming fences, barriers, attempts to enter the enclosure are perceived by most animals as an attempt on their territory. Accordingly, this provokes aggression  can lead to unpleasant consequences.

It is worth remembering about the critical distance. It  means that at a certain distance from people, an animal feels confident and calm. Any attempt to cross the boundaries of this safety zone may frighten the animal or make it aggressive.

You should also remain vigilant when interacting with the tamed animals of the zoo. In such situation, they will behave in accordance with the innate characteristics of behavioral reactions inherent in a particular type of animal, and can be much more dangerous than animals in enclosures due to the loss of a person's sense of fear in front of them.