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It’s Zhora’s 14th birthday!
16 March 2021

Two years ago, he covered more than three thousand kilometers to find himself in our zoo.  During this time, the orangutan Zhora became a real Kharkiv resident and fell in love with everyone.  Today is Zhora’s 14th birthday! 

The orangutan became older, but this did not affect his character.  Zhora is very playful and restless.  He loves water fun, as well as a variety of activities: move quickly on the ropes, swing in a hammock or solve a puzzle.  Among the gastronomic preferences - broccoli, avocado, tomatoes, sweet peppers, iceberg lettuce, radicchio.

Orangutans Zhora and Flora, who came to Kharkiv Zoo from La Boissière du Doré Zoo (France), are the first Sumatran orangutans officially brought to Ukraine.  We prepared carefully for their arrival - the animals became the pioneers of a new location called "Planet of the Apes", where they got used to it very quickly.  Now males and females feel full owners here and enjoy their possessions.