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Отдел слонов и бегемотов

The 8th of March in the Animal World


8-shaped treats were the presents to our females. The four-legged "girls" were greeted on the 8th of March by Kharkov Zoo workers. Tendy and Stepanida (our elephant female and our hippo female) found their vegetable treats quite tasty. Capuchin monkeys enjoyed their favourite fruit and nuts.


Love That is Worth of a Tusk


Each conjugal couple has its disputes and arguments but love always wins. Animals are no different. Our elephant family who stays together for 14 years already had a bit of misunderstanding in last New Year holidays. Female Tendy who tried to prove to her husband that she was right, run short of words and used her last implement - her female temperament.

Elephants Celebrated their Feast and the Bear Got his Name


Last Saturday, 20 June, the Zoo celebrated "Elephant Day". This feast became traditional for the Zoo. This year this event was special because the House of Elephants celebrated its 90 years birthday.