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Отдел прирученных животных

Saved Animals


Quite often Zoo is a place where animals find their refuge. Many times we got exotic animals (a lion, a Nile Crocodile) as well as representatives of local fauna (foxes, owls, squirrels, martens, bats etc.). Sometimes these animals have been rejected by their masters.

Kindness is a Wonderful Thing


It is not that hard to do kind things. Kind things are first of all the actions done sincerely and unconditionally. Each year Kharkov Zoo organizes outing lectures. We bring tamed animals to social institutions for children. We bring kindness, good spirits and positive emotions. Such visits are made by us for free and they are done regularly.

Replenishment of Himalayan Bear Family


It is always a wonderful event when new babies are born. That means that our animals are doing well, while we, Zoo specialists, have managed to create the best husbandry conditions for them. A special joy to us this year is that  two Himalayan bears have been born. As it is normal for bears, they were born in winter.

For the First Time in Kharkov Zoo


19 August an interesting event happened in Kharkov Zoo. A new species has been added to our collection - a calf of Scotlan Highland cattle. This calf has been given as a present to our Zoo by Feldman Ecopark. The new-comer has been lodged in Contact Zoo. He has endured the transportation well. The four-month charming calf has been named April.