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Отдел копытных млекопитающих и мозоленогих

April has Born March


Today during "Kharkiv online" TV programme the name for the camel cub was chosen. The young female was called Marta (March). On the official page of Kharkiv Zoo in social network everyone could leave his/her variant of the name. More than 250 variants were proposed. We chose 10 finalists (these were the names that had been offered more than three times).

Новые апартаменты для сибирских козерогов и европейских муфлонов


In coincidence with 120th anniversary of Kharkov Zoo two new enclosures for Siberian ibex and European mouflons have been constructed. These new facilities are more spacious comparing to previous ones, their design resembles wild natural habitat in which these beautiful and proud animals live. In the centre of the enclosure there is a hill of rocks.

Offbeat Neighbourhood


Not long ago a new inhabitant arrived to the spacious and comfortable enclosure of Black Swans. This new inhabitant was a water buffalo female. The hosts welcomed their new neighbour quite readily. Several centuries ago this neighbourhood would seem quite strange. In wild nature black swans inhabit Australia, water buffalos inhabit tropical forests and jungles of Asia. But humans who judged themselves to be masters of live nature, brought water buffalos to Australia. Thus black swans and water buffalos compose a typical image of Australian landscape. Water buffalos have been domesticated long ago. Domesticated water buffalos have inherited unpretentiousness in diet and husbandry demands as well as peaceful nature. These features allowed to use water buffalos as docile pulling power and to disseminate them all round the world. Domesticated water buffalos can be met in Eastern Africa, in Southern America, in Eastern and Southern Europe, in Madagascar and in Australia. Sometimes water buffalos leave their homes and  run wild and get their wild naure back. When wild water buffalos inroad Australian farms it is equal to locust pester. Though, "hooved locust" weighs about a ton.