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New Nurslings in "Kindergarten" of Kharkov Zoo


Patagonian Maras are fascinating animals. This rodent is one of the five biggest species of rodents - capibara, beaver, pacarana and porcupine! Maras have been kept in Kharkov Zoo for a long time already. They will also make part of "South America" exhibit. Though maras are close relatives of Guinea Pig, they resemble a peculiar small hoofed animal.

Winter in the Zoo


Winter in the Zoo is an amazing time! All birds look gorgeous in their hibernal attire. Geese and ducks rest peacefully on ice brink. Fabulous fetathering of pheasants strike us with its glamorous splendour.Therefor a pond in winter never ceases to rejoice us with remarkable tints. Here you can see not only the Zoo inhabitants but the "guests", too.