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Birds of Happiness


Each year the whole planet is keeping the international "Day of Birds", ecological event which is aimed at conservation of biodiversity and number of population. The event is organized within the UNESCO "Man and Biosphere" program. The first convention of bird conservation was signed in 1906 in order to protect birds of farms.

Advanced Vocational Training for Our Specielists, or Species 360


Our specialists have taken part in three-day seminar on usage of international electronic system of animal data Species 360. The seminar was organized in Nikolayev Zoo. The software has been worked out by american company Species360 which was based in 1974. This is an international non-profit organization that is keeping database of wild animals cared by people.

Day of Forests


Each year ecological event of Forest Day is celebrated. This event first appeared in 1971 and was officially established by the General Assembly of the OUN on the 21st of December, 2012. This idea was supported by the International agricultural organization.