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Look out! Snakes!


Spring is a period ow nature awakening. All living creatures wake up, snakes among them. They feel the warmth of the sun in their winter abodes - roots of rotten wood stumps, under piles of old fallen branches and in burrows of rodents. If the weather is sunny, they come out to sun-warmed hills, wood stumps, logs.

10 Years on the Wing


It has been 10 years already that our couple of Steppe Eagles is being kept in Cherkassy Zoo. These majestic birds whose acuity of vision is at least five times more than human's, they are monogamous. When they find a pair, they do not part until the end of their life. In our care Vasily and Vasilina made a long-lasting atch in the beginning of 2000.

International Rat Day


Rat Day has been yearly kept yearly on the 4th of April since 2003. The idea was brought up by American rat keepers. They desired to attract attention of the public to such  a non-ordinary pet as a rat. The date of creation of the eldest internet resource dedicated to rats, "Ratlist", was taken as the date for the event.