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Birds Are Flying...


What influence do migrating birds have on ecosystem of the planet? The day of migrating birds is kept on the second Saturday of May. The international Convention on Bird Conservation was signed in 1906. it initiated global ecological campaign which is aiming at collecting data on migrating birds, their habitat and routes of migration.

Ball of Fire that is Bringing Life


Each year the Day of Sun is globally celebrated. The Sun is the closest star to the Earth. It is a powerful source of energy. It brings light and warth which are necessary for flora and fauna. It defined the basic atmospheric conditions of the Earth. The event is aimed to attract public attention to various possibilities of usage of restorable energy resources.

Our Animals Celebrate Easter Day


On Easter Day we prepare traditional coloured eggs, which make a particular treat for our animals. Weeper capuchins, silver foxes, Corsac foxes, nasuhas, ravens got their delicacies. Eggs make part of their common diet, therefore there were no new tastes for them. Bright colours and unusual serving attracted them right away.