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Kharkov Zoo Comes to Kids


Seeing a silver fox, a skunk, a rabbit, a porcupine, an owl and many others; learning that Guinea Pig is no pig at all; enjoying tortoise races - all these became possible for children at rehabilitation centre "Promin". Kharkov Zoo came to see them!


September 10 - the Intrnational Crane Day


On the 10th of September our planet is celebrating the International Crane Day. First ancestors of these beautiful birds appeared eben before dinosaurs, about 40-60 million uears before. Historical motherland of cranes is presumably North America. From there they migrated first into Asia, from there into Africa and into Australia.

Baby Boom among Our Animals that are kept in Kiev Zoo


Due to global reconstruction of Kharkov Zoo we sent many animals for temporary keeping to some other Zoos of Ukraine. Our Abyssynian Ground Hornbills have been living for a year there, as well as Black Storks, David's Deer, Bisons and a Camel. They have nicely adapted themselves to new conditions. Kiev Zoo workers say the animals have made themselves at home.