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Hippo, Monkeys and Foxes at Maslenitsa Celebration


Maslenitsa is one of the many traditional events celebrated in the Zoo. This was a pancake week not only for humans but also there were unusual treats for animals. Many animals enjoyed the mane dish of Maslenitsa, the pancakes. We used to invite bright-coloured groups of folklore performers who presented beutiful shows for our visitors.

February, 19th, Whale's Day


The International Marine Mammals Protection Day, or the International Whale's Day is celebrated in many countries on the 19th of February. This day was established in 1986 when moratorium on whale hunting was implemented by the International Whale Group. The moratorium is in power up to date and this means that whale hunting and whale meat trade are prohibitied.

It's New Year Again!


Tonight, in the evening of the 16th of February, one is able to meet New Year once again. This time it is according to the eastern calender. It is on the 16th of February that the year of Yellow Prairie Dog is coming into ascendant. According to Chinese chronological tradition, this year is 4716. Due to that, special attention is due to Cannidae.

Animals in Love


It is believed that only humans are able to experience noble feelings, animals are attracted to each other via instincts. However, our natural brethren are not reserved in showing tender feelings. They hug each other, kiss each other and show various kinds of endearments.


Gopher's Day


Today the waken up gopher is leaving his burrow and forecasts what the upcoming spring will be like. If the day is overcast and the gopher can't see his shadow and doesn't return to his burrow,  the spring will come early. If the day is sunny and the gopher sees his shadow and goes back to his burrow, there will still be several frosty weeks to come.