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Hibernal Thirst of Birds


it has become generally known that birds need nutricious food in winter. But birds also need water, too. Normally birds replenish water in their bodies by means of snow. Due to high body temperature and intensive metabolism it does not cause any harm to birds of the north. Even snowbirds and waxbirds that feed upon juicy berries, peck at the snow regularly.

Animals of Kharkov Zoo at the New Year Tree of the Central Square


New Year is a holiday when miracles can happen. This slogan is motto of Kharkov City administration. The biggest square of Europe is decorated with unique New Year Tree. Its illumination is fantastic, it is surrounded by characters from fairy tales. Each year something unusual makes a special treat there. This year is no exception. 

Zoos Share Their Experience


Members of Karkov Zoo have got a unique possibility of plunging into the work of a Zoo of high standards. All this became possible owing to the invitation of Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. During a week our specialists studied new approaches of animal usbandry, peculiarities of enclosure design, tips of environment enrichment, diets. Nothing was left unattended.