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A Visit to Zmiyov


The first day of summer is a special date that is dedicated to protection of children of the planet. Kids enjoy this day because they always can have great fun on this day. Kharkov Zoo is closed due to the global reconstruction. Still we could not stay away from this wonderful event. On this day we were invited to one of Kharkov region towns, Zmiyov.

Happy Victory Day!


The further are those years of the Great Patriotic War, the stronger is the feeling of heroic feat and great deeds of our ancestors for our life, peace and clear sky above. On this day we wish peace to all of us. May this great Victory inspire us to do only nice things and to love our Motherland.


I Have Drawn You!


Today Kharkov Art Museum has made a unique exhibition of children's drawings based on topic "Our Littlest Brethren" which was organized by trade-union committee of medical workers. The exhibition presented 160 works performed by young artists. The peculiarity of the exhibition is that its participants will become medical workers in future.

April has Born March


Today during "Kharkiv online" TV programme the name for the camel cub was chosen. The young female was called Marta (March). On the official page of Kharkiv Zoo in social network everyone could leave his/her variant of the name. More than 250 variants were proposed. We chose 10 finalists (these were the names that had been offered more than three times).