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Man and the Ocean


Health of ocean is fading away each second. Marine biodiversity is getting more scarce. Man is the main reason for it. Thinking about the role of the World Ocean, its state and human immact is to be the main goal of the Ocean Day which is kept on the 8th of June.

Day of Environment


Environment Day is kept on the 5th of June. It was initiated by the OUN resolution in 1972. This event is equally important as for the society as for any individual. On the 5th of June Stoсkholm conference started its working on issues of environment.

Day of Hidrotechnical Workers


Professional event of workers of hidrotechnical mills of Ukraine is celebrated on the first Sunday of June. In our country this event was announced by the decree of Leonid Kutchma in 2003. It is to honour the contribution of workers of hidrotechnics into branches of ntional economy of water resources.