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Brown Bears and Spring


First rays of sunshine make the nature awake from the winter slumber. Plants and animals are all getting awake. Two of six Brown Bears of Kharkov Zoo, Vaska and Vanka, left their dens to lie in the sun and taste the last traces of the window. Vanka relished the remnants of snow, Vanka bowed his head to the new spring.


The 8th of March in the Animal World


8-shaped treats were the presents to our females. The four-legged "girls" were greeted on the 8th of March by Kharkov Zoo workers. Tendy and Stepanida (our elephant female and our hippo female) found their vegetable treats quite tasty. Capuchin monkeys enjoyed their favourite fruit and nuts.


Cat Allows to Love Her only in Her Own Way


Cats are animals who are quite close to the humans. But their independent nature proves that notwithstanding thousands of years of their domesticity cats have remained free and untamed; their tolerance towards humans can be seen as their favour for us.

The International Polar Bear Day


The International Polar Bear Day is celebrated yearly on the 27th of February. The main goal of the event is raising awareness of the public about Polar Bear conservation. According to scientists' estimation, there are 20-25 thousands of Polar Bear individuals in the wild. It is interesting to know that Brown Bear used to be Polar Bear's ancestor.