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Kharkiv Zoo Tales. Giraffe


Many things often happen to animals in the Zoo. Sad, funny and insightful stories. Giraffes are quite curious animals but they express their curiosity in a different manner, not like other animals. First they look at the object of their interest from the distance, with their head tilted.

An Offspring of Kestrel Becomes a New Inhabitant of the Zoo


A month-old small kestrel's nestling has recently appeared in Kharkiv Zoo. He was found on the ground, under thuyas. Kharkiv people brought it to the Zoo at once. Before that they fed it with meet and gave it some water because, as its rescuers said, it was extremely hungry and took food from their hands.

A Visit to Zmiyov


The first day of summer is a special date that is dedicated to protection of children of the planet. Kids enjoy this day because they always can have great fun on this day. Kharkov Zoo is closed due to the global reconstruction. Still we could not stay away from this wonderful event. On this day we were invited to one of Kharkov region towns, Zmiyov.