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There used to live a Cat Round the Corner...


Many peoples consider cats to be symbol of mishaps. They were said to have magic power, they were called embodiment ofdevilry, first assistants of witches and conjurers. Although the Middle Ages are behind, prejudice is still alive. Black cats become victims of it. Each year nearly several hundred thousand of black cats are killed.

Pumpkin Feast at the Zoo


Funny and uncanny - such were the pumpkins sent by pupils of LyceumN89 to Kharkov Zoo animals. Such unusual harvest is a result of Halloween feast. Pumpkins (about 100 units) were exhibited at school because one of the most prominent signs of the event is a pumpkin. Handymen carve various amazing shapes and celebrate the holiday.

Animals from Epoch of Mammoths are Right beside Us, or Saiga Antelope Population is Being Restored in Kharkov Region


Once these unique animals inhabited huge territories of Eurasia along with mammoths, woolly rhinoceros and sabretoothed tiger. We are talking about saiga antelopes, a one-of-a-kind antelope species which survived through all natural cataclysms and kept on living in Eurasian Steppe. Even Kharkov region used to be inhabited with Saiga Antelopes.