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The 15th of March - the International Day of Protection of Seals


The world community marks the occasion of the International Seal Day on the 15th of March. Young seals are born in  white gorgeous fur. Due to their beautiful coats they have been victims of hunt for many centuries. It is fashion demand, not real necessity, that pushes humans to destroy these animals in huge quantities. A female bears her cub during eleven months.

Water, Water Everywhere


On the 14th of May many parts of the world are celebrating the International River Day. The event takes its origin in the 14th of March 1998. It was on that day that more than 50 protests took place in more than 20 countries. They were united by the motto: "For Rivers, Water and Life!".

International Wild Nature Day


Animal world of Ukraine is quite rich. But we are losing many of our little brothers. Humans drive out wild animals from their natural habitat. For example, one can't meet wisents in the wild. These magnificent powerful creatures can only be seen in Ascania Nova Natural Reserve. Susliks are disappearing as well as the prey animals.

Time, the Recordsmen and the International Polar Bear Day


Do you know that Polar Bears, the biggest terrestrial carnivores, feel at ease at the temperature of forty five degrees below zero? Their warmth is preserved due to their thick fur and fat deposits. Also little size of the tail and ears prevent the loss of warmth.

Our Naughty Child Elisey


The winter seems not to retreat. Bitter frosts have come to Kharkov. Our gorgeous tiger male Elisey is not the one who feels uncomfortable at 20 degrees below zero. He enjoys playing and going out by any weather. He does not care if weather changes, he is like a small kid whose greatest interest is to run and play. 

Hippo, Monkeys and Foxes at Maslenitsa Celebration


Maslenitsa is one of the many traditional events celebrated in the Zoo. This was a pancake week not only for humans but also there were unusual treats for animals. Many animals enjoyed the mane dish of Maslenitsa, the pancakes. We used to invite bright-coloured groups of folklore performers who presented beutiful shows for our visitors.