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Rare Animals are Breeding in Kharkov Zoo


Our nurselings have again brought youngsters. This time Corsac foxes became happy parents. Our family had two cubs. The new-borns were covered with light brown hair. Their eyes opened at the fourth day of their lives. It is notable that usually both parents care after the young.

Funtik? Bonya? Hardy? The chioce is made - the Camel Calf has Got a Name


On the 23rd of May a new camel was born in Kharkov Zoo. Now, after a month, he got his name. During two weeks all people left their comments on the official page of Kharkov Zoo in Facebook. There have been left more than 300 variants. The publication was read by 25000 people, that proves the popularity of our hero.


Number of Saiga Population in Olkhovaya Balka has Doubled


Zoo workers are volunteering in the Regional Landscape Park of Wild Nature "Olkhovaya Balka". We are glad to share good news with you: Olkhovaya Balka population is growing up! New saiga antelopes have been born by two females. The first calf was born 23 April, in two weeks' time the second female got a pair of calves.