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Happy Birthday, Larik!


Today, on the 7th of December, our chimpanzee male Larik is celebrating his birthday. He is 14 years. He came to Kharkov Zoo from Stary Oskol Zoo four years ago. Due to the total reconstruction of Kharkov Zoo Larik and his girl-friend Nikoletta are now living in a spacious enclosure in Berdyansk Zoo territory together with another chimp female named Sonya.

Kharkov. Winter. Birds


In Winter birds especially need human help. It is not easy to find food inder a thick layer of snow, however, during this period birds need to take better food and to have it more often. Maximum of energy is spent for maintaining of body temperature (small birds' body temperature is about 45 degrees).

Alexandra Tsekhanskaya, Deputy Director of Kharkov Zoo, has been Rewarded with Order of Nikolay Leontovitch


Kharkov Zoo workers congratulate Alexandra Fyodorovna Tsekhanskaya , Deputy Director of Kharkov Zoo with her being rewarded with Nikolay Leontovitch's Order. This reward was founded by Nikolayev Zoo and it is rewarded to people who have done outstanding services to Nikolayev Zoo regarding conservation of fauna and developing sustainable Zoo world.

There used to live a Cat Round the Corner...


Many peoples consider cats to be symbol of mishaps. They were said to have magic power, they were called embodiment ofdevilry, first assistants of witches and conjurers. Although the Middle Ages are behind, prejudice is still alive. Black cats become victims of it. Each year nearly several hundred thousand of black cats are killed.