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Zootherapy for Disabled Children

In 1992 the General Assembly of the OUN declared the 3rd of December to be the Day of the Disabled. This date reminds us that people who suffer from prysical and mental disabilities should feel themselves as full members of society. Especially it concerns children.


Lifting up spirits and thus making them feel better - this was the goal of Kharkov Zoo workers who set off on a trip to school N6 for children with impaired hearling. Our creative group consisted of educators, clown and wonderful animals. Taking the specifics of the school into account, the accent was made on visual and tactile contact. Stroking the animals, kids' faces were all smiles. It was zootherapy as animals help release stress and they enrich the sensory experience of kids. When a clown with a trained rabbit appeared, the hall burst into applause and kids' laughter. The event was total success.