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Zoo in Spring

Spring is the time of nature waking up and giving birth to new life. Spring steps are noticeable by fresh aroma and first flowers. Buds start swelling, in a while they will "erupt" in green. Beautiful warbling of birds can be heard in the streets. 

Our animals feel the beginning of spring, too. Bears have woken up. Peacocks start swaggering in front of their partners, flourishing their gorgeous fans. Pelicans and cormorants have changed their winter houses for spacious ponds in the open air. Black swan keeps them company. Having appeared in the open pond birds started splashing and grooming their feathers. After continuous water procedures they were sunbathing. Birds spread their wings and projected them to the rays of spring sun. Black swan first hid under willows from his new neigbours, pelicans and cormorants. But now the birds got used to each other.


Lions and tigers who passed this winter in outdoor enclosures are now basking in the sun. Monkeys rejoice sunny days, too. They look out into windows and through slightly opened doors waiting for their release into outdoor enclosures. But it is stil too early for them.

Elephants are outdoors. They take sand baths (this is necessary for their skin), as well as sun and air baths. They exercise their muscles. Their activity and playfulness has increased. This is Spring!



Первый вылет на пруд бакланов, пеликанов и чёрного лебедя
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