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Hedgehogs at Your Home

Such hedgehogs do not live in the wild. They weigh little, they do not have hibernation period, they do not thump and they do not smell. These hedgehogs are hybrids of two forms - white-bellied and algerian. They are excellent pets.



If you decided to keep this animal at your home, you should observe specific husbandry rules. The main diet should be meat. it is rich in protein. No milk. Hedgehogs cannot digest lactose. The diet should contain insects, the more - the better. If a hedgehog does not have any insects, its lifespan will be quite short.



hedgehogs eat only once a day. They do not demand special attention. They feel perfect on their own. They enjoy running in their cage or in their wheel. Such "treadmill" is a must-have. Hedgehogs are prone to over-eating and obesity.  The cage should be at least 70 cm long. Hedgehogs adjust wonderfully to day routine of their masters.



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