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"Young" Nature Lovers

Live during retirement is still in its full span! The main point is finding a hobby and then energeic drive is coming. We got convinced in that having visited the social service senter of Nemyshlianskiy region. This institution is attended by about 50 retired persons aging from 60 up to 94 years.

Tatiana Jurilo, director of this center, says that the lecture from Kharkov Zoo is expected with great interest. Retired people of the center take an active part in various quiz games, brain-rings where whole rounds are dedicated to animals. Our honourable guests listened eagerly to the lecture because they could later put that knowledge into practice and sparkle their erudition in intellectual games. 


As soon as golden-agers could approach our animals, pat them and watch them closely, they were enraptured. "Such events make us younger", told us a 76-year-old listener. We are happy to know that our lectures produce such a wonderful effect!