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Young Biologists in Western Ukraine

Kharkov Zoo is closed for reconstruction. Still, the Young Biologists Club is keeping on working. Young Biologists help to take care of animals, they study biology and ecology, they go on hiking tours and they take research trips. This time members of Young BIologists' Club went to investigate Zoos of Western Ukraine, Lutsk Zoo and Rovno Zoo.

In Lutsk  they observed the newly constructed enclosures for canrnivores which  were built owing to the international project. Also they admired magnificent castle of Lubart and went down the mysterious underground corridors.

In Rovno Zoo they examined mixed, or biotop exhibits. In one encloure there were kept several animal species that inhabit the same habitat in the wild. Also they took much interest in watching the "Nocturnal World" exhibit where there were animals that are active in twilight or at night.

Our friends and colleagues from Zoos of Western Ukraine made us a warm welcome. We are so grateful for their attention and elp. We were told that in Rovno Zoo there soon will be organized a Club of Young Biologists. We wish our colleagues a great success! Young Biologists' Club is a great idea!