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Yelisey is Two Years Old

16th of May is the birthday od our favourity Yelisey. This tiger is two years old now! As all youngsters, he most of all likes playing and frolicing. Nevertheless, it is noticeable that the tiger becomes more and more sturdy and examines instincts of a true hunter. He is not a timid kitten any more but a majestic tiger. When a human approaches his enclosure, that always attracts much interest. But if Yelisey used to be a wary onlooker, now he shows that he is the master of the premises.


Fresh air and active games guerantee excellent appetite. His main diet is beef. Yelisey eats it with gusto. Zoo workers had no doubts as to wat present they should give to the tiger. Therefpre, they prepared a box with ten kilos of meat!


По завершению масштабной реконструкции зоопарка Елисея ждет грандиозный подарок- великолепные апартаменты под названием "Тропа тигра", где наш красавец, надеемся, встретит свою любовь!

День рождения у Елисея!