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Winter in the Zoo

Winter in the Zoo is an amazing time! All birds look gorgeous in their hibernal attire. Geese and ducks rest peacefully on ice brink. Fabulous fetathering of pheasants strike us with its glamorous splendour.Therefor a pond in winter never ceases to rejoice us with remarkable tints. Here you can see not only the Zoo inhabitants but the "guests", too. Each year mallard ducks fly to our pond from the Lopan river and from the Kharkov river. Rivers get frozen but ponds always offer food and nice copany. Mallard ducks get acquainted with our feathered family. Swans, common shelducks, brants, roody shelducks and other inhabitants of the pond meet their sojourners readily and share their food and lodgings with them.


Our carnivore animals enjoy going out in winter. Tiger Elisy goes out in any weather, be it a blizzard or pelting rain. He is like a small child who forgets about everything when he is playing and rollicking.

Elephants do no care much for winter strolls, they prefer to stay indoors. However, Kharkov winter can't be call exreme for Asian elephants.  In forests of foothills of the Himalayas elephants face cool climate with frosts. Elephants were observed high in the mountains, even there where snow may fall.

Camels, guanakoes and even peccaries enjoy winter frosty days. For guanakoes - inhabitants of high mountain regions - such climate conditions are no wonder. These animals are well-adapted to them. One cannot say that about peccaries. In the wild they live in constant positive degrees of temperature, there are only two seasons there - rainy season and draught. When draught starts, their organis gets mobilised for shortage of water and food. Maybe this physiological process also geats activated in cold conditions.