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We are All Different! But we have got equal rights!

The 5th of May is the Day of disabled people. The aim of the event is to attract attention to problems of people with particular needs. Their rights for education and for work are not fully respected even in the well-developed countires.


According to the International Health Organization about 15 per cent of people, i.e. about 1 billion, are disabled. This number increases due to chronic diseases and due to aging of population. 

The day of disabled was proclaimed in 1992. On this day in 17 countries there were demonstrations of disabled people against discrimination of handicapped people. Further on this event was supported by charity foundations, social care services and volunteers.

Kharkov Zoo, too, participated in this event. Together with our animals we headed for the municipal rehabilitation center of disabled children. Amusing show and instructive lecture kept everyone interested. Children participated in clown Fedya's funny contests, laughed to his jikes and competed in quiz games. Of course, our animals, namely a cock, a rabbit, turtles, Guinea pigs, owls, allowed touching and watching them. This was wonderful zootherapy which will certainoy affect positively the health of the children.