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Walrus Day

The 24th of November is the Day of Walrus. This event was introduced in 2008 by the initiative of the International Foundation of Wild Nature and the Council of Marine Mammals. The date was chosen wit consideration as during last days of Autumn walruses migrate to warmer places and thus become more vulnerable.



Walrus is one of the biggest pinnipedian animals. Only giant seals are bigger than walruses. Notwithstanding the similarity to other pinnipedians, walruses have major difference that makes them unique. It is a pair of long tusks that protrude down from the upper jaw.

Unfortunately, global warming leads to ice melting. Walruses lack resting places in summer. Massive  accumulation of animals leads to death of youngsters in big numbers. Oil extraction and other deeds of humans are obnoxious for ecology. Another problems that walruses are facing is the human intrusion into their territory.

Therefore, the goal of the event is attraction of public attention to extinction of these mammals and conservation of the wild nature of the ocean.