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Useful for People but Counterindicated for Animals

The 5th of April is the Soup Day. We all know since childhood that a nice dinner should start with soup as it is not just the first dish but also an important part of daily people's diet. National cuisine of all folks include various recepies of the dish that may include sundry ingredients. Doctors think that soup can favour the digestive system of a human, stimulating secretion of gastric acid and enzymes. It also can prevent heart, gastric and oncological diseases.

Considering positive impact on human organism, people start feeding their pet animals on similar diet and begin cooking soups for cats and dogs. Broth is counterindicated to all animals! The main reason for that is that any broth is an extract which speeds up secretion of gastric juice in body, especially in dogs. Acidity level of a dog's stomach is quite high, so broth increases it thus enhancing the risk of erosive gastritis. Broth is bad for the liver of an animal, too. One has to remember well that soups and cereals are no good food for a healthy pet.

Humans restore forces and tone up their strength with a plate of soup. Therefore, welcome to keeping the Soup Day by enjoing some soup in a family circle. Bon appetit!