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Time, the Recordsmen and the International Polar Bear Day

Do you know that Polar Bears, the biggest terrestrial carnivores, feel at ease at the temperature of forty five degrees below zero? Their warmth is preserved due to their thick fur and fat deposits. Also little size of the tail and ears prevent the loss of warmth. One can even say that Polar Bears more often suffer from hyperthermia, especially while chasing their prey or while saving themselves from people with fire weapons.

Taking this into consideration, it is easy to guess how the ice melting influences Polar Bears. Climate change is considered to be a life-threatening factor for Polar Bears. Development of oil fields which leads to environment pollution, causes great harm to Polar Bears. Melting of ice threatens the Polar bears with starvation. They are adjusted to hunting on ice, they hunt seals. They stalk their prey near ice-holes when seals dive up to take some air. There is deficit of food for Polar Bears along the coasts of Arctic coasts, many cubs die.

The International Polar Bear Day is designed to rise public attention to all these problems and to the necessity of Polar Bear protection. This day is celebrated with various events and educational activities.

The data acquired of late show that evolution of the Polar Bear started about half a million years ago. The ancestor of Polar Bear was the ancient Brown Bear. Polar Bear adapted well to the Far North living among ice drifts of the Arctic Ocean. Polar Bear habitat is only in latitudrd of Arctice ocean, close to the North pole.

Our Polar Bear male also comes from a remote island of the Arctic ocean. He was forn on Wrangel's Island. Being a three-month-year-old cub, he got to corcus where he performed skating in the "Ice-rink Circus". But actor's caree is short and he retired in 1998 and got to his constant living place in Kharkov Zoo. Now Tim is a real Patriarch of Polar Bears as he is 33 years of age. Such life span is quite rare for Polar Bears.


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