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There used to live a Cat Round the Corner...

Many peoples consider cats to be symbol of mishaps. They were said to have magic power, they were called embodiment ofdevilry, first assistants of witches and conjurers. Although the Middle Ages are behind, prejudice is still alive. Black cats become victims of it. Each year nearly several hundred thousand of black cats are killed. The majority of them disappear on Halloween. In the city of Rome about 15 thousand of black cats are lost yearly. Black kittens stay unwanted in animal asylums.


There is nothing mystical in the colour of fur of a black cat. It is only about pigmentation and genes. Two pigments are responsible for the shade of fur: yellow (phaeomelanin) and blacj (eumelanin). As a result of suppression of phaeomelanin black colour becomes dominant. If the yellow pigment is not fully suppressed, it can give a shade of brown or grey colour. Sometimes these shades can be visible only at certain light level.

Having collected statistics on "unlucky" animals, Italian activists from the Association of Defense of Envorinment and Fauna have decided to solve the problem of killing of black cats. The first step to it is organisation of the Day of a Black Cat on the 17th of November. First this event was celebrated in 2007. At present it attracts attention of growing number of people who feel sympathy tothe animals and who cannot stay indifferent to their destiny.



Nevertheless, in some parts of the world black cats do not need help. In some places these animals are said to bring wealth, love and luck. In several regions of England people believe that a girl who owns a black cat will always be popular.  Scottish people say that a pitch-black cat brings wealth to the house. Sailors also believe that a black cat is a guarantee of successful voyage.

День чёрной кошки