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Teper Yourself Agaisnt Colds!

Each year the Holy Theophany is celebrated on the 19th January. Many people plunge into ice-cold water and think about tempering themselves against cold. Not only people but animals, too, can be experts in this issue. 

Waters surrounding Antarctics are not just cold, they are literally ice-cold as the majority of them is covered by thick layer of ice, icebergs and near-shore ice flows. The air temperature is often minus 60 degrees and lower, water temperature is lower than -1,8 degrees. Notwithstanding severe clicmate conditions, these waters have diverse fauna. Whales, seals, penguins inhabit these waters. 


The Arctic Ocean inhabitants are literally well-tepered North beings. Great Polar Whale, narwhale and beluga whale spend all the Polar winter under ice. Eared seals and other seal species rear their youngsters in icy environment. But it is not only about tempering cultivation. Nature has seen to it.

Seals and whales are protected from cold water by the thick layer of fat. Having warmed themselves by speedy swim, seals cool down quite long, like coffee in a thermos. Guillemots, and sea-gulls get their food in ice-holes of the Arctic Ocean even if it is polar night. Besides fat layer these birds have got thick water-proof feathering "lined"

with eider. The king of Arctics, Polar Beat can deal with winter chills because of its thick fat deposits, reliable skin and profuse fur.