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Summer is Time for New Emotions and New Knowledge

Summer vacations is a wonderful time for leiasure and for education, too. Combining these two aspects is possible for summer school camps. Kharkov Zoo has paid a visit to one of such camps rendering an educational lecture. Schoolchildren from the third to the seventh year have learned loads of miscellaneous facts about turtle, snail, chinchilla, rabbit, porcupine, hedgehog, guinea pig, raccoon dog, owl. Great rapture and sincere wonder was caused by the fact that fresh-water turtle is not flegmatic at all but it is agile and swift. Hedgehog can run 10 kilometres per night. Snail have the biggest number of teeth. Chinchilla swims not in water but in sand. 


Besides that children learned the difference between turtle and tortoise, between rabbit and hare. They knew what size can red-eared terrapin grow up to and whether it is feasible to be kept as a pet. 

In the end lecturers instructed the young audience what to fo in case of meeting animals and their youngsters in the wild. The main rule for the children to remember was that animals shoulc not be closely approached and youngsters are not to be touched!