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Shrovetide in Kharkov Zoo

Shrovetide is in its full swing! This means that pancakes with various stuffings decorate tables of our citizens. Shrovetide is an ancient Slavonic feast that symbolizes winter leave and waiting for the spring to come. Celebrations last for a week and end up with Forgiveness Sunday.


Shrovetide is one of many traditional events that we kept in our Zoo. Pancake week was not only for visitors. Our animals got their unusual treats, too. Our Zoo guests met masked comediants with Yarilo the Sun, children performing groups, buffoons. We did not interrupt the tradition of giving our animals pancakes for present. Animals received them with different stuffings. They were eager to find out what stuffing they were going to get in the next pancake.



Spirits ran high not only because of the treat but also owing to another attribute of the event, the stuffed carnival. It became a theme element of environment enrichment. Nasuha did not pay any attention to it and got engaged in eating its pancake with raspberries and black currants. Foxes could notdecide what is ore interestinf, suffed carnival or pancakes. Animals ran up to the suffed carnival and tried to make it out what it was. Black foxes decided right away that they were not interested in grass dolls. Pancakes were their main attraction. 

Ravens were quite enthusiastic about their pancakes. They took away a plain pancake from their beloved stump. Pancake stuffed with inced meat inspired a true contest. Capucin monkeys treated the stuffed carnival as their rival. They first took it away, then they had their fruit-stuffed pancakes.