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September, 22 is the International Elephant Protection Day

On the 22nd of September there will be celebration of an ecological event, the International Elephant Protection Day. It was established on the initiative of conservation institutions and ecologists who are deeply concerned with reduce of population of these animals.


Elephants are the biggest terrestrial mammals of the Earth. They are clever, well-organized beings. They are the only representatives of an ancient group of Proboscidea who inhabited the major part of land long ago. At present elephants inhabit tropical forests and savannahs of South-East Asia and Africa. Since ancient epochs elephants have been venerated by many peoples. They are symbol of power and grandeur, kindness and prosperity for many cultures. Nevertheless, humans are major enemies of elephants. Basic reasons for population decrease are hunting for tusks and elephant meat, natural habitat destroyal, deforestation.

So the main goal of the International Elephant Protection Day is spreading out of information about elephant population protection, attracting attention of the public to the problem of illegal killing of these animals.


22 сентября – Всемирный день защиты слонов