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September 10 - the Intrnational Crane Day

On the 10th of September our planet is celebrating the International Crane Day. First ancestors of these beautiful birds appeared eben before dinosaurs, about 40-60 million uears before. Historical motherland of cranes is presumably North America. From there they migrated first into Asia, from there into Africa and into Australia. There are 15 species of cranes in the world. At present they are widely spread throughout the Earth except Antarctics and South America. Main sites for spending winter are Iran and the west of India.


Once cranes used to be hunted but now they are protected by the law. First the Crane Day was celebrated in 2002 in the USA. In order to save the critically endangered American White Stork, ecoligists placed its eggs into nests of Little Brown Cranes nested in safe habitat. The day when a group of saved birds flew out for nesting was announced a new ecological event.


At different times Kharkov Zoo collection kept such species as Sarus Crane, Demoiselle Crane, Gray Crane.


10 вересня - Всесвітній день журавля