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Save the Nature!

The 3rd of March is the Wild Nature Day. This event is called to attract public attention to pernicious changes in nature due to human influence, it highlights the necessity to save the nature as the upperost task. We need to save it not to lose...


But, unfortunately, ecological and conservational organizations warn of aggravation each year. Number of critically endangered species is increasing. When the last male of North White Rhino died in 2018 this subspecies was added to extinct list. This means that hopes for preservation of this subspecies rely on technology of artificial insemination as there still remain two females. The same may occur to two other species, California porpoise and Javn rhinoceros. Many other animals remain critically endangered. These are Sumatra Rhinoceros, Black Rhinoceros, Amur Leopard, African Forest Elephant, Borneo Orangutang.

All these facts make us think again that planet needs all that lives on it, not only humans! Humans need to live in harmony with the surrounding world, to cherish the beauty and splendour of wonderful Nature!