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Rooks have Come and Brought the Winter

On the 25th of October lots of rooks appeared in Kharko Zoo. Next Day it was snowing in large wet snowflakes. Our local phenologicalsaying has once more come true: rooks have come and brought the winter! Rooks come in large flocks from Northern parts (e.g. from regions of Leningrad and) to spend winter in our land. They are particularly conspicuous in the dusk when they get along into rookeries and fly together to spend night in the particular place they have chosen. Then one might see many-thousand flocks of rooks hovering over the city.


Big numbers of hooded crows and jackdaws join them. The majority of them have come from the North, too. These armies of Corvidae look for food in the streets of the city, along railways, in litter bins etc. Of course, they are seen all winter long in the territory of the Zoo where these vigilant birds try to snatch something from food destined to the Zoo inhabitants. Zoo workers have to be always careful because unasked-for guests try to steal bits of meat or fish right from the feeding cart or a feeding bowl! Much time they spend on water pond where they find a lot of suitable food remnants.

In Spring Northern rooks fly back home, and there come our local rooks. They are not that numerous and they are less conspicuous as they fly right away to their nesting places. A rook is a migrating bird. When Autumn comes, it flies away to warmer regions and flies back in Spring.